The Muse Assembly Line

I’m of the opinion that when God distributed muses He put our spirits in a line.

Over here, He said, you will get in line with the seamstresses.  You will design amazing gowns for people to walk down the aisles. You, the soul with a gleam in your soon-to-be eye, you will be a painter. You will lie flat on your back, and paint a ceiling that admirers will cross oceans to see.  You, the one standing in back, yes, you, the soul with a pensive aura about you – you will be amazing with words. You will string sentences together, and storytelling will be your gift.  And you, the soul pacing back and forth studying that empty patch of ground, you will be a builder – you will construct houses, structures to give shelter, and make them pleasing to the eye. To certain souls, He said, Get in this line. You will be a hairdresser.  You’re going to do amazing things for people’s self-esteem, and even go so far as to help others with illness feel better about themselves.

It’s kind of fun for me to think like this, particularly since I’m on deadline and I’m pushing my muse harder than I can ever remember. I don’t think God would have put me in this line if He didn’t think I could handle it.  He never said it would be easy. He just lined us up with our gifts and said, keep moving, the rest is up to you.

Happy Friday.