The Most Magical Part of Christmas – Guest Post by Voirey Linger

I am so happy to welcome one of my Diamond State Romance Authors Chapter Mates to our internet home today. It’s Voirey’s first visit, so help me make her feel welcome! Thanks for coming today, Voirey. Take it away!

Holiday time always makes me remember my childhood. Christmas seemed so magical, and I lovedwatching the house transform.

My first home was a Victorian, late enough to be minus most of the frills. There were high ceilings, fireplaces (all of which had been converted to gas heaters), and a staircase that wound around one wall, giving little girls a place to peep through the wooden railings and spy on important things, like grown-up parties and maybe a guy in a red suit making a delivery.

Music was a big part of my family life, so well before my sister and I hit school age, we could sing every Christmas carol in the hymnal, and we were starting in one some of them in Latin. I remember one night when I was about four, my sister and I sat in the darkened living room, staring up at our beautiful Christmas tree. It sparkled and glowed in the night, towering over our heads, perfuming the house with the sweet scent of pine. We held hands and sang “Oh Tannenbaum” in a funny little mix of English and German, because our tree was just too beautiful to not sing to it.

On the top of that tree was the one trapping of Christmas I thought was the most beautiful of them all.

Photo Credit: Lizard10979 via Creative Commons

Our Christmas angel.

She wore a white lace blouse, and her skirt was golden and shimmered in the lights. Heady stuff for a preschooler. She was always the last part of decorating. Once the rest of house and tree had been bedecked and bedazzled, my father would carefully lift her from her box and present her to my sister and me. We’d take turns kissing her rosy cheeks, then he’d hand her to one of us. The lucky child would be lifted up above his head to place the angel on the very top of the tree. Every night after that, he’d lift us again so we could kiss her goodnight.

To me, that angel was the most magical part of Christmas.

As an adult, I recognize that my childhood angel wasn’t anything but pasteboard and tinsel with a cheap plastic head and pressed foil wings. She’s been gone for years, replaced with something more elegant, more tasteful when I was a teen. But in my mind’s eye, I can still see her, perched proudly on that tree as my sister and I sang.

Cyndi again…I love the Christmas Angel. I bought one for a tree but it ended up displayed year-round in my den. I kind of like her watching over us! 🙂

Voirey’s fascination with angels transfers to her writing too. Her latest book, Embracing Eternity, has a beautiful angel on the cover…don’t you agree?

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So, did any of you have a special Christmas Angel?