The More Things Change….

You know the old addage.

…They stay the same.

I’ve been awfully philosophical this past week. Bad things happening around me tend to make me reflective. For the past month and a half, my husband and I have been having bad luck. Oh, mind you, it’s nothing catastrophic. Just little things. It started with the washing machine leaking while we gone over the weekend. Ruined our wood floors. Then a few days later, my car got hit by a school bus. Then we had colds. Then I got my royalty statement (cue laughter…and tears).Then the youngest started really struggling in school. Then we found out our deductible for husband’s sugery was more than we thought (several thousands more) and so on and so forth. You know how that feels, right? A streak of bad luck.

But it’sย  nothing like what many are facing this Christmas.

And I’m not just talking about those grieving families in CT.

I’m talking about the people we know all around us who are struggling – either with their health, their relationships, financially, etc. I’m betting all of us could trip off a stream of people who have it a lot worse than we do. So I’m thankfully that I can nitpick about little things that have gone wrong.

But in looking at all the bad in the world, I’ve come to a conclusion – it’s not any worse now than it was hundreds of years ago.

Horrible people do bad things. Crappy things happen to good, innocent people. Today…and in the past. And unfortunately, it will still keep happening. So we can rage, shake our heads and try to figure out how to prevent it, but it won’t do any good.

Great post, huh, Liz Talley? (heavy sarcasm)

But I’m not finished. Don’t click the X and tune me out yet.

As much bad as there is in this world, there is twice as much good. For every person who will hurt a child, there’s a line waiting to help a child. For every disease that conquers, there’sย a scientist working her tail off to create a medicine that will cure. For every relationship that falls apart, for every checkbook that zeroes out, for every person crying with hurt, there is someone waiting to help…even if it’s just a kind word. You see, I believe in goodness. I believe it kicks evil’s ass. I won’t dip into religion, even though it’s an important part of who I am, but I believe if you look hard enough you can see the beauty and goodness all around you.

On Facebook, I posted a picture of an iris that suddenly emerged in my flowerbed. It was amazing to me to see that proud beauty defiantly stretching forth in the midst of death. We’ve had three good frosts and most all my plants have died. But this renewal stood, a testament to how beauty comes forth even when all around it wilts and shrivels. To me, it was God’s promise. To you, it might mean something all together different. Maybe it reminds you that beating the odds is not impossible. Maybe it reminds you that love can spring from unlikely sources. Or maybe you’re totally literal and can deduct it’s close enough to the house and the spotlight to draw enough warmth to live when other less hardy flowers gave up the ghost. But still, it is there, a small bright blossom on a cold Southern winter morn, a promise that goodness and beauty will never die.

Okay, I got philosphical, but sue me. I’m a romance writer. It’s in my blood.

So on this morning that my husband is having surgery, I ask you what gives you comfort when things feel too hard? Also prayers and happy thoughts sent to Louisiana is much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚