The Little Things

A few months back, I posted about disappointment and how things don’t always go as planned but sometimes you can use that as fuel to get a little more serious about things you’ve not been focusing on. That particular post was about the frustrations of not being able to run my barrel horse, Fireman, due to soundness issues.

On a side note, I finally bit the bullet and had the vet out to do X-rays to see what was going on inside his feet. It turns out there’s not any major issues; he just needs to be shod at a different angle for his bone structure.

My vet likes to work with a specific farrier, Bernard Pelletier. Bernard has worked with some of the best vets in the country fixing horses that otherwise would have been euthanized to lameness problems.

Bernard lives in Brevard, North Carolina so I decided to meet him half way at the Bass Pro shop in Kodak, Tennessee. Bernard is an avid outdoorsman so that’s his favorite place to shop.

We set up in the back of the parking lot at Bass Pro and proceeded with the shoeing process. Just a few minutes in, there was a bomb threat and everyone was evacuated out of the store into the parking lot.

A big black horse tends to draw a lot of attention, especially when people are bored. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Fireman had crowd around him. Being the rock star ham that he is, he enjoyed every single minute of it.

Fireman entertaining the crowd at Bass Pro.

Fireman entertaining the crowd at Bass Pro.

One thing that I’m always in awe of is how much joy people get out of just petting a horse – any horse! It was fun getting to see people who don’t normally get the opportunity to be around horses get to hang out for a while.

While we’ve got a few more sets of shoes that Fireman has to go through before he will be ready to race, we’re at least headed in the right direction to getting back on the barrel racing trail. In the meantime, I’m working a little harder on another horse that has caused me not only some bruises but a lot of frustration as well.

Last year, I hauled my gelding Bubba to an open show with a very green mare named Mo. Even though she was green and hadn’t been hauled much, Mo wound up riding the best that day. Bubba, the horse that’s been hauled everywhere and done everything was an absolute pain the whole entire day!

Fortunately the extra time and attention has been paying off. A couple of weeks ago, I showed him at the Smoky Mountain Show Series at the Tri-State facility in Cleveland, Tennessee. We entered in Ranch Trail, Horsemanship, Barrels, and Poles.

Although our rides were far from perfect, there was much improvement and he didn’t entertain everyone with his rodeo antics! In fact, by the end of the day I won adult high point for the day which included not only a big ribbon that matched my shirt, but a big box of Jelly Belly candy!

One happy camper!

One happy camper!

See, it’s the little things that can make a person happy – I’m sure that this will find its way into a book somehow!

What little things in your life make you smile?