The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Not much going on in the writing department on this end. Unless you call writing tons of lists of things I need to do daily. Ugh… But it seems likesunrise2 we are all struggling to find some sort of balance in our lives. Just where is that light at the end of the tunnel anyway? LOL

May just started and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by all the things we(my family) must do, attend and pay close attention to. I won’t bore you with my long lists. That would just be wrong. I’m just needing a place to vent and work a few things out in my overcrowded head. And I thought, hey! What better way to get all my frustrations out than to blog and get amazing advice and encouragement from my online friends.  🙂

Okay. Take it away! Tell me how this too will pass. That I will miss this chaos someday. That I will be a stronger person because of my struggles. It doesn’t matter that I’ve probably heard it before. Trust me. I “need” to hear it every day. Shoot, maybe two or three times a day would be good at this point.

All I really want is to somehow put on the brakes. Make time slow down so I can enjoy every single minute I have left with my kids. I’m not sure at what point it happened, but Mother Nature decided to wind the clock up so tight the hands are just spinning out of control and I’m running behind them screaming, “No, no, no stop. Stop!”

I blame some of this anxiety on being an introvert. I like to plan things. I like to think things through before taking action. This fly by the seat of your pants is wonderful when writing a book, but it is something altogether different in real life.

A friend recently recommended an article about introverts. As I read, my mouth fell wide open. It was as if someone had been following me around taking notes and had found out my deepest darkest secrets and fears in the process. But it was a good thing. I realized I’m not broken. I’m not flawed because I don’t work well under pressure or that I’m not comfortable talking in front of groups or mingling at big parties. I’m an introvert. I was born this way. And you know what? It’s okay!

I read the article to my hubby who is a Huge extrovert and after over 22 years of marriage this one simple article really helped him understand me more, so I thought I’d share. It’s a long article, but so worth the read. The last paragraph, “What Not to Say to an Introvert,” I found to be spot on. For me anyway.  🙂

Now that I know I’m “almost” normal, I will definitely look at situations differently and not feel so darn guilty about saying no to something I don’t feel comfortable with or really don’t have the time to take on.

I believe the key to less stress and happiness really is a simple one. Listen to that little voice inside. It’s there to help, not misguide you. 🙂