The Holidays are coming!


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Yeah, I know, this is how I feel, too. photo credit: lankforddl via photopin cc

I feel comfortable posting this only because none of the ENALR crew lives close enough to come egg my house.

But think of this as a public service announcement – you now have time to prepare!


Another reason to hate me – I started my Christmas shopping last Saturday. One year, long ago, I tried to have my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, and it made the Holiday SO much less stressful that I’ve done it almost every year since. You long for the relaxed Holidays of your childhood? Want to hang with the fam, and not be stressed? Seriously, try this. The stores aren’t insane, neither is the traffic, and there are good selections for a change.

Seriously, this could be you.  photo credit: LollyKnit via photopin cc

Seriously, this could be you.
photo credit: LollyKnit via photopin cc

 I know, you’re saying, “Yeah, but September? This chick needs meds.”

But I looked at the calendar. Between now and Christmas, I have:

  • A trip to Dallas to see the kids for a week
  • A deadline (of course)
  • A local Writing Festival I’m speaking at, and I’m on a romance panel.
  • Thanksgiving at my house for at least six (maybe more)
  • A Christmas Eve party for 50 – at my house
  • Readers ‘n rita’s event in Dallas
  • All the kids’ families will be at my house for the Holiday – 11 people for 10 days.

Yeah, no pressure.

Also, every Christmas since I met Alpha Dog has been spent at my MIL’s house. That meant no Christmas decorations at my house. I haven’t done this for 28 years. And we have a new house.  If you see a mushroom cloud in the west, it’s Alpha Dog, imploding when he sees the bills for decorations. The cost of a tree alone may cause nuclear meltdown.

But HE invited the 50 of his closest family members for Christmas Eve, and the youngest grandchild is FOUR!  Santa is coming HERE!  No tree? Unheard of.

I’m actually looking forward to all this, but it’s going to take heavy planning, reconnaissance, and the nest egg is going to take a serious hit.

Ho Ho Ho I’m so screwed.

photo credit: Arslan via photopin cc

photo credit: Arslan via photopin cc


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