The good old days.

Way back when in beautiful Mayberry. Or maybe we need to go even further back to wagons, with Laura Ingalls. I’m not sure of the exact time frame. But it’s way back when you could send your kids to school and if they didn’t behave, the teacher could whack ‘em across the knuckles with her wooden ruler!

THAT’S the part of the good old days I miss!

I’m out of school now (I bet someone standing by waiting to get my knuckles would sure keep me working though!), so I’m absolutely all for this method. Especially when my kid is being stubborn just to show he can. Quick little pop and that stubborn would be out of there.

The teacher called this end of the year excitement or something. It relates to the fact that he graduates kindergarten May 17 and summer will be on like a chicken bone.

I call this the you-better-get-your-act-together-and-do-like-you’re-told-I-don’t-care-what-you-want time of year. Course, that time of year never really goes away for me. 🙂

In trouble last week a couple times while he was already in trouble. We lost after school play time with our cousins. Lost ipad and other electronic playtimes. That usually does it for him. Nope. Still got in trouble at school. We had some drama that wasn’t his doing with tball and we ended up letting him quit because of the circumstances. It’s what he wanted. I felt bad—I promised him fun! (this is related to behaving, I swear). I found some lefty golf clubs on ebay for $30 (50% off sticker price, yo!) and told the husband I’d take him to the driving range on game day for something fun.

Back to behavior. Yesterday morning. Before school I tell him, I have a surprise coming for you. It’ll be here Thursday, but if you want it, you’ll have to be good at school all week. (spare me reward lectures for good behavior while we’re already in trouble. I hate that. See the tball drama above). Dang if I didn’t pick him up from school and he was in trouble again. One mark away from being sent to the principal’s office.

What for?


Yes. For serious. That’s why I miss the ruler-whacking days. I can picture it now:

Teacher: Clean your desk.

Son: No.

Teacher: *whack*

Son: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Don’t do that again! *cleans desk*


*sigh* On the upside, since he wouldn’t clean at school, I had him wash my car and several other things outside. I forgot to ask if his shoulders and arms were sore this morning. If you could bring something back from the past, what would it be?

Doesn’t have to be behavior. An item, or anything like that.


(I’m very much aware differences in raising opinions, that some teachers out there get too rough, ect ect. This post is in lighthearted fun)