The Freedom Life

The other day after being told, once again, that Spongebob will not be tolerated within my hearing and besides, it was time to do his homework, my son heaved a pained sigh and said, “I can’t wait until I grow up and I can live a freedom life.”

“What’s a freedom life?” I asked.

“You know, when everybody can’t boss you anymore.”

I heaved a pained sigh of my own. “I hate to say it, buddy, but when you grow up you have to make your own money, so you have to get a job, and then you’ll still have someone bossing you.”

“Isn’t there any way to have a freedom life?” he asked.

I gave this serious thought, and came up with what I considered to be a fairly profound answer on the spur of the moment. “Well, you could have your own business, like a ranch or a bakery, and then you can be your own boss. You still have to work hard, but if you’re doing something you love it’s fun and interesting so it doesn’t seem so hard. That’s how you can live a freedom life.”

“Oh.” He also gave the matter serious thought. Then he said, “I’m just going to marry the richest girl in Cut Bank so I’ll have lots of money and I won’t have to work at all.”

“Or you could do that,” I agreed.

So much for profound. – Living and Writing the Real West