The First Thanksgiving

Do you remember the first Thanksgiving you prepared as an adult? Mine was in 1980. I decided to smoke a turkey and invited a couple of friends over. I put the charcoal in and let it heat (according to directions.) I defrosted my turkey per instructions. (I’m an instructions sort of gal.) The cooking instructions said to removed the giblets sack. I looked and looked for that dad-gum sack. I put the turkey to smoke because I couldn’t wait any longer to get it cooking. But that missing sack of giblets kept gnawing at me. Picture me on the patio, after dark, the lid off the smoker, standing there with a flashlight looking between the bird’s legs. Looking and digging around. No sack. I finally convinced myself that someone at the “turkey plant” forgot to put one in. No problem. I could do without it.

The next morning, I took my smoked turkey out of the smoker. It was lovely. Brown.ย Juicy. Cooked to perfection.

My friends came to lunch. I set my beautiful turkey on the table and my husband (ex-now) began to carve. The sack of shit dumped out of the neck! I had no idea THAT’S where the sack was “hidden.” No harm. But OMG embarrassing!

When my SIL was about twenty, she decided she wanted to cook the turkey, so we let her. She was on her third marriage with a couple of kids and wanted to really be an adult. Which was fine with me and my other SIL. We’d had all the turkey cooking we wanted to do. Sandra had no idea how to cook a turkey. When Anita and I sliced it, it was RAW. Anita and I took turns cutting it and putting slices into the microwave to cook. I had ham that year! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what was you first “adult” Thanksgiving like? Did you cook a turkey? Any good stories to share?