The First Fashionista

It’s that time of year.  The award shows are hitting the airwaves and thoughts are turning to … fashion, of course!  Those gorgeous dresses floating by in front of the cameras make me salivate.

Growing up in a small city gave me few opportunities to get gussied up—prom, bridesmaid duty, my own wedding, and a few Christmas parties at one of the local country clubs summed up my chances.  And living my adult life in small rural towns has diminished the possibilities to nearly zero.

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Watching the Golden Globes tonight made me realize I’ve been dreaming for a long time.

About every other actress they’ve interviewed is wearing a mermaid dress—one of those long, slinky creations that fits like a second skin to mid-calf, then flairs out like a full miniskirt from there to the floor.

I’ve dreamed of wearing a mermaid dress since … okay, I’ll admit it.  Since Barbie and her Solo in the Spotlight  fashion doll haute couture.  Was there ever a dress more gorgeous?  Even at seven, the black, strapless, sequined number hinted to me of excitement and mysteries I was still years away from.

Now, I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that wearing a mermaid dress is probably not in the cards for me.  I’m probably never going to be invited to the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice, or the Academy Awards.  And the style isn’t exactly proper mother-of-the-bride attire in my locale.

But, in my stories, my heroines can attend fancy shindigs, win awards, and  sing in the spotlight–solo, if they choose.

And through them, I get to do it, too.

Eat your heart out, Barbie.