The Clutter’s Got To Go

beth cornelisonWhat’s a girl to do when she wakes up before the birds and can’t get back to sleep? In my case, I get up and write my blog post! So if this comes off as the rambling of a groggy woman, that’s because it is.
Since the New Year started, I’ve been thinking a lot about clutter— specifically getting rid of clutter. I guess this is where I’m supposed to tell you my house looks like what it is, the home of a creative and somewhat lazy person. (Aren’t most creative types rather messy?) Besides my natural inclination to clutter, I eschew housework. I do as little as possible while still keeping a decent looking, sanitary house. But this standard means that clutter accumulates in closets, the garage, the attic, under beds, in the guest room. You get the picture. To make things worse, my husband is a bit of a hoarder. Not reality TV bad, but keep-stuff-he-hasn’t-used-in-years-because-it’s-still-perfectly-good-and-he-might-use-it-again-some-day bad. Yeah, our house needs a good purge.
My sister has been on a similar wavelength lately it seems, because she posted a link on Facebook recently about committing to de-stressing and simplifying your life in 2014, and the first to two checkpoints covered getting rid of the physical clutter in your life. The other points covered de-cluttering your calendar and free time, your finances, and your mind.
Anyway, my older sister and I have both been on campaigns at our respective houses to clear years of clutter from our homes. She even had the big guns, my younger sister and my mom, come up this past Saturday to help her clean out junk.
I drafted my husband and son to spend a Saturday earlier this month to clean out our garage, really clean it. As a result, I can see floor I haven’t seen in years. I don’t feel claustrophobic when I go to my car. I can see daylight! I can breathe! I…okay, before I cue the angels singing, my point is— cleaning out years of clutter and gleaning out unneeded stuff and well, garbage, from my garage gave me a real morale boost. It felt GOOD to sweep away (literally and figuratively) the cobwebs and debris.
Home organizers will tell you, clutter causes stress. I don’t know much about feng shui, but I bet a cluttered room has bad vibes associated with it. With this in mind, and seeing how freeing it was to clean out the garage, I’ve committed to de-cluttering/organizing/improving some part of my house every weekend this year. It might be a small thing like pruning the front bushes or clearing the top of my dresser (my project the past two Saturdays) or bigger such as tackling the overcrowded attic, but something will get spruced up or cleaned out every week. So help me God. Rather, so help me Paul… because some of these projects will require a lot of help from my husband. I think he’s on board. He talks about our need to clean the attic too. And he’s all in favor of home improvement, if I can light a fire under him.
There you have it. My sleepy rambles about getting organized this year and clearing my house of the junk that’s built up. It’s freeing, I tell you. Freeing! (Yeah, we’ll see how long this lasts!)
So…are you a clutter hound? A neat freak? What tips do you have for cleaning, dejunking and organizing a house?