The Carpool

Once a month, I have the privilege of attending Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers of America in Denver. I live 70 miles away, and I worried when I joined this organization about the long trek, particularly since this group meets at night almost in the heart of downtown.
I needn’t have worried. When I joined the membership chair said, “Oh, you’ll just meet up with the Colorado Springs’ contingent.” We have a contingent? And that has been a monthly event I look forward to almost as much as I do the meeting.
We meet at a park and ride and often there’s so many in attendance we take two cars. But what’s cool is this group genuinely likes each other that if we ride up with one group, we switch it off on the way back, so we can catch up with the people we missed the first time.
I think it’s really something that no one’s phone comes out; we start out the ride with a ritual participating in a report of what everyone’s been up to.

There’s not a conversation monopolize among the bunch. And we are literally engulfed in conversation – and laughter – from the time we leave the parking lot till we arrive at the Denver Press Club. Maybe because it’s because we all share the commonality of writing, but this is a special group to me.
Then, of course, on the way back we dissect the speaker. All right, not the speaker but what we’ve learned. Last night’s speaker was Kirk Mitchell of The Denver Post who writes about cold cases
Participating in things you enjoy keeps you young, and your mind sharp. What’s more, some special friendships have been forged. Do you have a monthly event you look forward to?