The Block in the Road

I’m only three chapters into my new romantic suspense, BRING THE HEAT, and it is seriously kicking my backside. I’m not completely blocked but the typing is sloooowww.

Why is this one so tough to write?

Because it’s hard (said in a six-year-old girl’s whiny voice). 

As the 4th book in the SEAL EXtreme Team series it begins as they all do with action, terrorists, lots at stake, shooting, dying, maybe something blowing up. But this one is different because deep, raw emotion is right there at the start too. These characters aren’t brand new, I know and love them as my guys (okay, it’s a little weird I see the team as real people, but we won’t talk about that right now).

My guys are going to take a huge sucker punch they didn’t see coming. Gah! I hate it. But it has to be done and done well, which means I’m going to feel those emotions. I’m going to suffer with them so that I can bring you a great story. So I need to gear up for this one.

To get the ball rolling, I first have a cup of this:

love is...









And maybe listen to something like this:

Take these for a little spin outside in nature:

photo (15)









But after all the procrastinating, there’s only one thing left to do. Write. Write. Write.


While you wait for this book to beat itself out of me, you could read my latest release, THE GUARDIAN (SEALs Beyond Battlefields book 1).

KimberleyTroutte_TheGuardian_200pxCorpsman Luke Carter quit the SEALs to take care of his chronically ill daughter and now battles for a cure with The Guardians—a secret philanthropic organization that funds medical trials. To save costs, he must close a failing clinic in Haiti where a compassionate doctor fights to save her patients. Beautiful and strong, she touches his battered heart, making it feel something that died in him long ago—love. But time is a ticking bomb and their world is about to be ripped apart.

Look for characters from the SEAL EXtreme Team series to play small supporting parts in the book.

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