The Big Question

P8My son recently stumbled upon the concept of mortality. Right out of the blue, driving home from town a couple of weeks ago, tears welled up in his eyes and he asked in a tiny, trembling voice, “Mommy, am I going to die?”

What could I say? I couldn’t lie. But I guarantee you, looking at that tragic little face, this heathen who hasn’t been to church outside a wedding or funeral in the last ten years was suddenly a born again believer in ‘all good kids go to heaven’. And yes, God does have a Disneyland.

If only it had ended there. But no, every day or so, he pops up with another few questions about how exactly this dying and going to heaven thing works. And I gotta tell you, I’m fresh out of answers, so I’m gonna throw ‘em out there to the blogosphere and hope some of you have already got this stuff down pat.

#1. Mommy, what’s it going to feel like when I die?

#2. But when I get to heaven, how am I going to remember you and Daddy? What if I don’t know you anymore?

#3. But if I remember everything about before I died, then I’ll miss being on earth, so how can I be happy in heaven?

#4. Is Grandpa going to die first, because he’s the oldest and he has a bad leg?

#5. Does Daddy wish he could die right away so he could go to heaven and see his daddy who died?

#6. How old am I going to be when I go to heaven?

That’s the list from today. I’m sure there’ll be more by the next time I blog. In fact, I’m sure there’ll be more tomorrow while we’re driving home from the bus stop, so please answer promptly and as completely as possible, so I have some idea how to handle the follow up questions.

And to think I was dreading the sex talk.

Kari Lynn Dell – Montana for Real