The Best Technology – Evah

By Laura Drake

How the world has changed from the days when my dad would yell for me to come downstairs and change the channel on the TV set – six feet in front of him.

Alpha Dog told me about an article he read the other day, that a new car model (don’t remember which one, sorry. I only half listen to anything when a deadline is looming) is coming out WiFi capable.

Cool, but not earth-shaking. I mean, it was the next logical step, right? It’s nowhere up there on the all-time list of my fave technology advances. After all, we signed the docs to sell our Southern California home off a phone hotspot, driving in the mountains in Panama. Cobbled maybe, but it worked.

The internet is amazing. I love having everything at my fingertips with only a, sarxos_Magnifying_Glass

But there was one invention in technology that changed my life. See, I am what is commonly known as, Directionally Challenged. No, really. My daughter jokes that if I tell her to turn left, she turns right. And it’s not a joke.

I was embarrassed to admit this for years; it was my secret shame. I was an educated woman. I should be able to figure out a damned map, for cripes sakes! But I can’t. Oh, I get the squiggles on the page – they make perfect sense. But I can’t transform that to real streets. I’m missing that synapse entirely.

Poor Alpha Dog doesn’t understand. He can’t conceive of this – he knows I’m an educated woman. We’ve been married 26 ½ years, and he keeps thinking if he explains it ONE MORE TIME, I’ll get it. This has led to many interesting . . . conversations.

Now, if he looks at the map and tells me, “Go to Broadway and turn right. Go to Main Street and turn left.” I’m all over it. I’ll get there with no problem. And be proud.

The return trip? Not so much. See, I know I have to reverse the directions, but somehow, it never works. I end up at the ocean when I’m supposed to be in the desert. Back to the secret shame thing.

Then, I bought a new car. This is a bigger deal for us than for most, because I buy a new car once every 15 years, whether I need one or not. My Honda CRV came with a NAVIGATION SYSTEM!

My husband was all excited. He pulled up this:


I groaned. This was a very expensive option that I’d never use, and I needed it SO badly!

He told me not to panic, scrolled around and came up with THIS!

My best

Now I was excited. Not only that, but a very patient lady would talk to me and tell me exactly where to turn! No reversing directions, either – when I wanted to return, I’d just punch GO HOME, and the nice lady would get me there.

Okay, I know, you all probably have had this technology for a long time, but this was a paradigm shift for me! I didn’t realize how stressed I was, having to drive somewhere I’d never been!

I appreciate that lady, every time I get in my car. She never yells at me (unlike my very own personal backseat driver) and she’s always right! (unlike my very own personal . . . oh never mind). If I knew where she lived, I’d send her some very expensive chocolates.

So, what bit of technology was a life-changer for you?

What would you like to see that we don’t have now? My vote? A robotic duster.

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