That’s Tomorrow???

Thanksgiving for the US, that is. And it’s here too fast. Normally I would be in serious baking mode right now with an assortment of pies and desserts and flaunting the sugary heaven on twitter and facebook to all my poor friends stuck working. What am I doing?

Doing final work on Making Her Nights so I can post it for sale later today. Yes. Working.

Nights 677x1000My baking has fallen to the depths of cheating my way through a cheesecake by buying that pre-made Philadelphia stuff in a tub to …thank goodness I found a box of brownie mix in my pantry so I don’t have to go to the store.

Not that I was particular ready at the start of this week for Thanksgiving, but Monday really set me back. Yall see the blog, right? Our pretty slider is gone. The sidebars—gone. And we’re at basics here. Why? Because hackers suck.

What sucks even more than hackers? The Verizon Online Back Up Desktop program. I downloaded that and my computer entered slow death. The final death happened Monday. Yes. Same day the our blog here was hacked.

Cue Monday night—ahem, Tuesday Morning—at  1a.m., my computer is going back to factory settings, I hadn’t gotten to work on any books and next I know, it’s…later in the day on Tuesday morning and I’m back at work, staring at a baby-face computer. No WORD on it. No Scrivener.  No Dropbox holding all my precious materials. Just dead. I get to work, only stopping to feed kids until my computer is back in working order, then get on edits straight away for Making Her Nights.

The plan was to immediately start a final read on Making Her Nights last night, but my dry and achy eyes just laughed in my head. To bed I went, back awake first thing this morning.

I have 9 chapters to read, a book to post for sale, brownies to make, possible trip to my grandma’s and the kid’s haircut? Hahaha… yeah. I don’t see that one happening.

You know what, I can’t wait for tomorrow. A day of eating and nothing? Bring it.

dang. Just remembered the newsletter I have to get ready to send out late tomorrow ! And this blog…yeah, give me a few days until we’re back to our regular functioning self. Alcohol and chocolate can be sent to me at Keri Ford….heck, I can’t remember what my PO box addy is.