That’s not country, is it?

On Sunday, I’m going to a Tim McGraw concert in Toronto. It will be the very first concert I’ve ever attended. (Does that sounds pathetic, considering I’m in my 50s.) When it comes to music, I have…shall we say eclectic tastes. If you looked at my playlists and my genres on my iTunes account, you’d probably blink and think  “that woman is all over the place in what she likes.” I love classical musical. I grew up in a house with opera and symphonies playing in the background. Handel was, and still is my favorite. Beethoven (the 6th and 9th symphonies), Bach (especially the Brandenburg Concerts), Grieg’s Pier Gynt symphonies… But I also loved Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, and John Denver and Johnny Cash. The Beatles, U2, and KT Tunstall. Loreena McKennitt, Brandi Carlisle, Jann Arden, Diana Krall. And a ton of soundtracks.  Eclectic, I tell you.

While I grew up in an area where all the local radio played was country (this was back in the days of the “old country”, the twangy styles), I didn’t particularly care for it. Enter Shania Twain and gradually my tastes broadened. Especially once I started writing westerns and created playlists to keep me in the country frame of mind. Tim was one of the first ones I added. Garth, Blake, Brad, Lonestar, Lady Antebellum…and gradually my lists grew and grew. (Want to hear some of the songs I listened to while writing No Accounting for Cowboys?)

My husband on the other hand is a pure 60s, 70s, and a few 80s, rock band fan. Especially if it had a drum solo in it that he could drum too. No, he doesn’t own a set of drums anymore, but they’re not needed. He’ll drum with his fingers on whatever surface is available. . So when I said I wanted to see Tim McGraw when he was in town, he agreed but not without a little nose wrinkling. I definitely got the impression it was an ultimate sacrifice on his part. But being the good hubby he is, he asked me to play some of Tim’s songs, and as I hit play on each one, he’d blink, and have to admit. “Oh, I have that on my playlist.”  So I started playing him Garth. Taylor. Florida Georgia Line. Rascall Flatts. Garth. Blake…I still don’t think he’ll admit aloud to being a country fan, but he is.

So on Sunday, we’re taking the train into Toronto to see Tim live and in person. We’ll be braving the Honda Indy crowds (yup, it’s race week in Toronto this weekend, and naturally they’ve closed off the roads that we’d need to use to get to Tim’s concert), and to kill time during the day, we’ve booked a cruise on a 165′ three-masted gaff-rigged schooner called Kajama that will sail us around the Toronto harbor. Then we head to the concert, and from there to a hotel room. Woot, I’ll actually get to stretch out all night and not have to share half the bed with the dog.  Oh, and of course, the weatherman is calling for rain. I don’t care. I’m going to enjoy myself. And the seats at the concert are in a covered area. How much coverage from rain it’ll offer us, I have no idea.

But I’ll bet hubby will be humming or mouthing some of Tim’s songs…and hoping I don’t notice.  If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to convince him to get me tickets to the upcoming Boots and Hearts concert up by my old home — and he’ll realize he also likes Blake Shelton, Toby Keith, Luke Bryan, Lee Brice and the rest of the gang.

Any advice of what to do (or not do) at a concert? Have you ever been to one? Who was your favorite? Or who would you like to see?

Oh, and maybe my eclectic tastes in music can be explained because mixed into all those classical songs my mother used to play, she’d also play this one (listen past the first section, please…it’s Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers and Harry Seacombe. They were three nutty guys, believe me. And yes, I used to be able to sing along to it as my mother’s old 78 record spun around on the turntable.)