Telemarketers need love too. That’s our story and we’re sticking with it.

Yes, we still have a landline telephone. One that is plugged straight into the jack. The kind that has a cord and does not require electricity to work. We even have voicemail…and an answering machine.

Before you get a cramp from laughing, let me just say that we are not complete troglodytes. Both hubby and I live and die by our cell phones. We both have tablets. And for the record, there are more computers in our house than there are occupants. It’s just that we can’t quite cut the cord.

We have elderly mothers who don’t understand the concept of mobile phones or speed dial, but they do know how to dial that landline number. Not that they ever do. We usually call them first. You see, it seems the only people interested in calling us on our landline are telemarketers. And one of my brothers. But he only calls it when he can’t get an answer on one of our cells. So, yeah, the fact is, we just can’t cut the cord.

There’s always the 9-1-1 argument. We also happen to live in an area prone to prolonged power outages due to severe storms and excess ice. We can give a dozen good reasons for keeping the line.  Every one of them points to the fact that we’re just a couple of middle-aged babies unwilling to give up our security blanket.

So, yeah, we still have a landline. The telemarketers call every day and every night. What they don’t know is that we’re just rebellious enough to refuse to answer.

What about you? Do you have any outdated technology you can’t live without?

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