Taking Off the Wrapper – Cover Reveal

I’ve been sitting on my cover for a couple of weeks, trying to decide when to unveil it. Did I ever tell you all the story about my first cover? I was SO excited when I saw it, I immediately posted a picture. I can hear the groans. Yeah, not supposed to release the cover until it’s finalized and approved. A lesson I learned the embarrassing way!

One of the WONDERFUL aspects of being with Samhain is that they allow the author so much input into the cover. Of course I filled out the God-Only-Knows-How-Long art questionnaire. I sent descriptions of my hero and my heroine. I sent pictures of models, pictures of covers and then make sacrificial offerings to the cover gods. Okay, I baked cookies and ate them, does that count?

SO here we go…coming November 5 from Samhain Publishing…..


TexasTango300Now it’s on to book 3 – Texas Twist.

Thanks for letting me share!