Taking Deep Breaths. All. The. Time.

1433872230124My life is not hard. It’s basic. I am thankful every day that my kids are awesome and my husband is awesome and we have jobs and financial security and a solid house and pets who are healthy.

But I could use just a leeeeettle less stress.

*deep breath*

Again, it’s nothing major. One kid is getting ready to move into her first apartment, about 400 miles away. We’re this><close to deciding to hire a moving service so we don’t have to drive the U-Haul through Boston streets. Otherwise, it’s just logistics, planning, etc. The other kid is learning to drive. I’ve only taken her out once (her father’s done the rest so far) and she’s doing a good job. But she wants to get her 65 hours in by December so she can take her test before the weather gets too iffy.

Those are just elevated day-to-day things. The main stress is from my job. My freelance work took a steep uphill swerve, so I quite my part-time job to be home working full time again. Yee-haw, right?! Right.

*deep breath*

Anyone who has worked freelance or knows anyone who does knows it never stops. Plus, I dream about work most nights. Last night I mostly didn’t. There was something about a client project, but mostly the dream was on a train like that post-apocalyptic movie I didn’t see, so it wasn’t really work. I’m hopeful a lot of this is transitional and the stress will normalize. But until that happens, I’m doing this a lot:

*deeeeeep breath*

I’m also awaiting edits from my publisher for my recently contracted book, but I’m not pushing them to hurry. 🙂 I would be very happy to be “normalized” before that deadline hits.

*deep breath*

And even though it feels like I’m working constantly, or worrying about work, or dreaming about work, I am working on balance. I’m reading a lot, because there’s no time for TV. Hitting as many home soccer games as we can get to (I won tickets on Twitter for this weekend’s game!). Going to the movies when my daughter doesn’t strand us at home by driving my car and taking her father’s keys to work in her purse. (Ant Man got postponed to this weekend.) I went to Magic Mike with a big group of friends, all of whom saw the first one together, and that was a great interlude. And whenever I can, I sit out side on the landing of my back steps, writing or reading and soaking up fresh air and sunshine.

In fact, I think I’m going to head out there for lunch right now. And take a whole bunch of deep breaths!

What’s dominating your summer?