Switching Camps

Hi! I know you’re probably looking at the sidebar and saying “But it says today is Amy Ruttan’s turn” – well, we decided to switch things around. This month, Cynthia d’Alba’s going to be posting on my regular day (Wednesday the 16th), Amy’s taking Cynthia’s day (Tuesday the 15th), and I’ve got Amy’s spot. Things will be back to normal next month.

NAFC_400x600In the past weeks/months/year, I’ve been head-down over my keyboard trying to finish up edits on my upcoming release, and writing the final book in the trilogy, while also trying to figure out how to promo the upcoming book, so I’ve not had a lot of excitement lately to share. (Other than the gorgeous cover of my upcoming release — yes, it’s a shameless plug, but look at that cover!)  But on Friday night, I finally dragged myself away from my computer and headed to the mall. Not a fun trip initially — they’ve closed off an entire half of the parking lot of the mall as they add 60 more stores. Since the construction is going to be going on until 2016, I hate to see what it’ll look like at Christmas-time, it’s already filled to capacity at off-hours times.

Anyway, I had to go to the mall because I had had it with my old iPhone 4 and decided it was time to trade it in for a new Samsung Note 3. I’d been debating making the switch since last summer but kept feeling like a traitor in leaving the Apple Camp for Team Android. But after playing with my husband’s old and now-discarded Note 1, and months of having my iPhone response getting slower and slower, I bit the bullet and said “Buh-bye Apple.”

It’s the second trip I’ve made in the past couple weeks. I would have traded it in a few weeks ago, but when I originally went into my service provider to ask about making the change, I encountered a very surly clerk who didn’t want to answer any questions other than saying it was going to cost me $35 more a month. She wouldn’t show me the phone or spend any time with me. Disgusted with the lack of service I was getting, I walked out of the store and directly into their competitions’ stores to do some comparison shopping. Oh and I tweeted the company’s twitter account. They responded, asking me to follow them so they could DM me about it. so I did. Except they didn’t ever do anything. Not impressed with your customer service on that front, Telus!

Anyway, I’d looked around, and as is the way with our phone packages in Canada, everyone charges the same no matter what company I go to. (Sort of like buying an X-Box or Playstation.) Okay, yes, there are a couple cheaper companies but they only operate in very restricted urban areas, and I’m … well, not in a lot of those urban areas. So on Friday night, I headed back to my current provider’s store again to see if I could get a better clerk but determined that if I got that same level of service I’d walk. And lo and behold, I met a gem of a clerk.

linsayThe very vivacious (and patient) Linsay spent an hour and a half demonstrating the Note 3 and answering my questions. She even got me a better deal. She transferred over my photos and contacts right there and then set me up with a one-on-one training session today. Thank you, Linsay! (And Telus needs to thank you too, because I would have walked out and gone to your competitors if you hadn’t made that extra effort.)

So today I trundled back to the store and sat down with Bill. Now I’m pretty good with technology – I used to teach computers back in the 80s and 90s, when you started off with DOS. And since I’d already been using an Android device for a bit, I already knew the basics. Which I think Bill enjoyed because I asked him some questions he’d never considered before. I learned a lot and felt good that I hadn’t come away looking like a dummy. (Yes, even though I know I’m not a dummy, I have had customer service reps act as though I am.)

Anyway, both Telus clerks did well by me this week. They kept me a customer because of their positive attitudes. Because they took the time to answer my questions and not make me feel like I was wasting their time or an annoyance. So kudos to them both. I don’t envy them their jobs, having to deal with the public. I doubt it’s a job I’d last long doing. Which may have been the first clerk’s issue.

Have you ever walked away from something because of a clerk’s bad attitude? Or had a good customer experience that kept you in the store longer, making a purchase you hadn’t planned?

(And are you Apple or Android?)

New Toy SyndromeBy the way, I’m loving the Note –especially the larger screen size! And the little stylus that comes hidden within, and the how I can use it as a remote on my television and…yes, I have new-toy syndrome. Oh, and yes, this is a confession that I may have used setting up my Note and learning how to use it as a way of procrastinating instead of writing this past weekend…but we’ll keep that between us, right? Right? 😉