Summer Vacation??

Hahaha. I laugh at your notion of vacation, though I will concede on summer. It’s very summery. I love it, especially after that horrible, frozen winter.

Since summer “vacation” started on June 27th, it’s been NON STOP. I was hoping it would slow down, but every day has been jam-packed.

June was gone in an instance and it was July.

Canada Day (July 1st) started with a bang with my third book releasing from Harlequin Medicals.


So Canada Day was spent between promoting and spending time with the family, as last year on Canada Day my hubby was in Winnipeg for work and we didn’t get to spend time together.

I thought it might ease up, but I’ve been attending some Facebook parties for friends and also prepping for my take over of the Bring Him To His Knees Facebook page.

I also had to deal with the new Canadian anti spam law and make sure that my newsletter complied.

Then came the Girl Guides trip to the Toronto Zoo for Bush Camp. Nothing like camping with 47 girls! O_o

There’s been birthdays, family visits and doctor appointments and it’s only July 8th for heaven’s sake!

Oh and in the mix of ALL of this, I was offered a 4 book contract for medicals and signed on with an agent.


Some time soon I’m sure I can put my feet up and have a nice, ice-cold drink on a dock and listen to the loons, until then I just keep swimming and writing. 😉

When “living a little”…

While celebrating her promotion, the last thing strait-laced orthopedic surgeon Ingrid Walton expects is to be seduced by mysterious dashing soldier and army medic Clint Allen. Especially when there are consequences to their passionate night!

…becomes “living for two”!

Seven months later Ingrid comes face-to-face with the father of her unborn baby…now the new trauma surgeon! But Clint has changed—his last tour of duty has left emotional scars. Can sharing their baby, their work and an undeniable chemistry give them a chance to heal their pasts and enjoy the future…together?




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