Summer Projects

This summer I’ve involved myself in a lot of projects or home fix-er-uppers or just lost my mind. I’m not sure, but I know after years and years of back to back deadlines and feeling guilty anytime I played with something other my computer…I’m free, so to speak, to do whatever in the heck I want guilt-free.

photo2And there’s a small chance I could have gone a little overboard. Not a big chance, just small. It started with the greenhouse. Not sure this counts too much since it was given to me free, but this is where I picked up tools and so far haven’t put them back down.

photoI put together my greenhouse. I planned to build 3 raised beds inside. I built 4. This weekend I added on a fence area to the back. I mean, I had the fences. I needed to do something with them. And I also had these melons so 1 + 1 = A Plan. I added on. It was a quick project.

I also added a roof to my porch. I’ve been wanting that for years. Finally had the time to do it. Now I get to watch the hummingbirds every so often and I keep forgetting to grab my wind chime I bought years ago off my mom’s porch. I did the roof, the posts to hold it, add the verticle boards around the bottom and did the flower beds on the ground. You can barely see them, but there are roses that I’m hoping will not die. There’s also a couple seeds sprinkled in. That I’m also hoping won’t die. the dogs have set their eye on making the beds their new napping spots, so they might have already killed the growing seeds.


Oh wait, maybe I should back up a bit. I had a wooden fence for my dogs. Pup is a glorious lovely dog who knows the art of stay home and how to find her way back when she goes gallivanting off in the woods after a rabbit. Dog, my other older and not so wiser dog, isn’t so smart. He can’t find his way home from across the pond. I’m tired of dealing with fences and invested in one of those auger leash things? Best thing to happen to my life in regards to keeping Dog home.

So now I had all that wooden fencing. I’m not just going to burn it. Heck no! So that’s what I built the porch roof with. (we already had the tin). And what I used to build the arbor to hold the bench that’s been lying around my grandparents yard for years and years and years. (unfinished. I still have 2-4 braces to straighten her up, but I can’t hold it square, hold the boards, and screw the boards in by myself while standing several feet off the ground at the same time too. Have to track the husband down to finish that off!)


And what I’m currently using to add a flower bed halfway around my peach tree.

DSCN0359I’m almost out of wood, so creating new projects is almost over. Then again, I still have to fill my new bed with dirt and create flower beds around my arbor. you see that pine straw around my arbor? That’s the current layout of my flowerbeds. I may have my hands busy for a while.

Ever get involved in something that just keeps going and going?


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