Summer Daze…

I am sooo sorry that I have failed to post for TWO Saturdays in a row! I usually write my blog on Saturday mornings while I have my coffee and the house is quiet. Unfortunately the past two Saturdays I have been out at the ranch where, I believe I have mentioned before, I have no internet access.  Usually I try to plan ahead and have my blog pre-written and scheduled to post on my given day but I completely forgot the first week. This past week I was out at the ranch full-time for the entire week and I never had the chance to write anything…

I am home now after an extremely busy two weeks. The weekend of the 16th was our local Junior Rodeo. I told the saddle club that two of my girls and I would be out to help and was told barrel racing started at 7 am but as long as we were there between 8 and 9 am we would be good. I was a little surprised at how early they were starting but I figured it was so we could get done by 2 or 3 pm so I didn’t think much of it. The girls got there before I did since they wanted to see the races. Apparently there was no need to hurry because with three age divisions they were still racing at 9 am when I finally got there.

Having never attended a junior rodeo I wasn’t sure what to expect. Since it was out local club hosting it I assumed that there would maybe be about 50-75 kids competing. When I arrived and saw all the rigs in the parking lot I quickly realized that this was a LOT bigger deal than I was led to believe! those 50 kids were more like 300-400 kids and all the horses to go with them!!  And after the barrel racing and goat tying races almost every even had something to do with cows.

Since the girls and I work the chutes we got busy–and stayed busy until they wrapped up the final event at 730 that night! They did break-away roping, tie-down roping, team roping, chute dogging, bull dogging, steer stopping, calf and steer riding–and every event had three levels of competition. There were the Seniors, which I believe were kids ages 14-18. Then there were the Juniors, ages 10-13. And finally Jr Juniors, which were ages 6-9. We didn’t have Pee-wees, which I understand are kids 5 and under.

It was really a lot of fun to see all these talented kids competing on their horses. I was especially impressed by the amount of young ladies who were entered in events that I have only seen the guys do. They roped calves and stopped steers and a couple even chute-dogged! And every one of them was polite and well-mannered and a wonderful example of what practice and a good work ethic will do for a person’s moral make-up.

I spent the rest of the week out at the ranch since my friend and my husband took off on vacation for the first part of the week and someone needed to take care of the animals and house while they were away.

Now before you all get hot and bothered by the fact that I let my husband take off with another woman just know this. He loves me very much. My best friend is a single woman who has ranched her whole life and works with us. We are the only family she really has now and the only way she will go away is if we take her with us. I didn’t take this week off–I didn’t have enough time on the books–but I knew they both needed to get away so I made them go. It was vacation enough for me to get to be at the ranch by myself with just the little dogs for company! They had a great time together–they both are shopaholic so I was a bit worried about turning them loose without me to hold them back but they actually did pretty good! They went to Lake Almanor and Susanville where they both have great memories of spending summers with their families, and then they headed over to Pyramid Lake and Sparks.

I stayed home and watched what I wanted on TV and fed and watered goats and horses and dogs and got up forty minutes earlier than normal so I could make it to work on time every morning. It was awesome! I decided I could get pretty use to sitting on the veranda every night with a drink watching the sunset…

This past Saturday was my birthday. My hubby and my oldest daughter picked me up and we drove up to the foothills for lunch in Jamestown, a small mining town that has some great antique stores and a couple of good restaurants. as well as two very haunted hotels on the main street. We had garlic soup and home-made chips and salsa and then wandered around the town, where we ended up buying Oldest Daughter a great saddle from one of the little antique stores. Never know what you will find in those stores!

We headed back home and ate dinner at The River’s Edge, a quaint little restaurant that sits right on the river. We hadn’t eaten there in years–I wasn’t even sure it was still there to tell you the truth–so it was a wonderful to find it still thriving! We sat out on the deck and ate dinner to the sound of the river gently flowing and the birds singing. It was a wonderful way to end the day!

I am back home now and work is waiting. I decided to write this ahead of time since I am sure I have something going on this weekend that will preclude me sitting at my keyboard and writing! And even if I don’t at least I know I won’t forget to post!

Hope you all have been having a great summer. School is back in session in many parts of the world–for most of us its a great thing, unless we are the students! I’m hoping that with fall coming up soon that my life will slow down a little and I can catch my breath! How about you? Has the end of summer caught you by surprise? Does it make you sad or are you chomping at the bit waiting for fall to arrive? I love fall so I can’t wait! Summer is all right but I prefer my days cooler and my nights crisp. I love hoodies and jeans and my Uggs! Football has begun and I can’t wait for the season to officially be under way! Almond harvest is in full swing and the sky is full of dust and tractors are rolling day and night as they hurry to bring in the nuts before the rain begins.  I’m ready for summer to say good-bye. How ’bout you?