Summer Crush

IMG_20160621_192511997I am FINALLY feeling like summer is here. It’s been long delayed.

First, because Tuesday was the first City Islanders FC soccer game we’ve been to this summer. (Regular season game. We did trek to Philly for a US Open Cup game last week, which we lost.)

Islanders games have been a staple of our summers for 8 years or so. We usually make the home opener, which is around Number Two’s birthday in late April. But this year, schedules conspired against us and we missed more than half the season! But we go again tonight, which will go a long way toward making me feel more balanced.

We’re also heating up the rest of the schedule. Next week, I take Number Two on two college visits. She did a Women in Engineering thing at UPenn with her friends in April (took the train to Philly, walked to campus, did this whole-day event) but it didn’t include a regular school tour, so we’re going to do that. Plus we’re visiting a smaller, liberal-arts-focused school so she can get a feel of different campuses. Hopefully that will allow her to narrow down her choices so we can make more visits in July and August.

In between vacations, that is. We’re going to Cape Cod in August because it’s near Number One, who didn’t come home for the summer. After we scheduled that, my in-laws decided to do a big family vacation in Williamsburg like we used to do when the kids were little. So that’s in a couple of weeks and everyone can’t wait.

In between, Number Two gets her wisdom teeth out. That’s the not-so-fun part of the summer crush.

I have a booksigning tomorrow and another author event in August. One thing I don’t have? A good word count in June! I’ve been working on multiple projects, but stalled about 2 weeks ago due to workload and other obligations. Momentum halted is always soooo hard to get back!

And then all of a sudden it will be fall again! Return of football (yay!) and the advent of Number Two’s senior year (bittersweet!) and the run up to Number One’s college graduation in December. For a summer that was so slow to get started, it’s sure racing by fast.

I think I’m just going to do this for a little while:


What are the summer events you’re looking forward to most?