Summer Cometh…

It is the last day of April and I am already sweating. This is not good. I don’t enjoy sweating, yet I live in the armpit of hell in Northern Central California for several months every year and every year I wonder why I continue to live here. Usually by the time July hits I am looking at real estate ads in Oregon and dreaming of coastal properties, but that is a long ways into my future.

Of course economics has a large part in it. I work here and my home is here and all my bills are here. Hmmmm. No, no, I realize that if I moved the bills would just follow me like bloodhounds on the trail of an escaped convict and would trap me in a tree somewhere, baying to the collectors my newest location, so obviously that isn’t going to happen. Yet. The economy gets any worse in my part of the world, however, and I may just chuck it all for a beach house in Mexico. ( My Spanish still leaves a lot to be desired so I am holding off on that eventuality until all other avenues have been explored. Or so I tell my friends and family. That way when I do disappear they can look those bill collectors in the eye and say, truthfully, “Sheri? Nope, I have no idea where she went…”!)

But I digress.  I do that a lot. I think it’s the ADD but I can’t prove it. But I have noticed that as I get older the bright lights have a tendency to distract me more often and I find the antics of squirrels quite enjoyable to watch. What? What does this have to do with it getting hot in the Valley? I have no idea. Was that what I was talking about? Well, you would know–you have obviously been paying more attention to my ramblings than I have…

Where was I? Oh yeah. The fact that it is only the end of April and over 85 degrees several days running is of concern to me because that means I will have to turn on my A/C unit sooner this year than I planned. Spring in California is a fleeting thing. Some years we are blessed with it, but more often than not we have a few days of rain and cool weather and then the temperature gauge shoots up and we are sweltering in 100+ degrees until we finally get some relief in October.

I look forward to that month where I don’t have to run artificial heat or air and can just enjoy days and nights with my windows open and a cool breeze wafting through my house. It is nice to be able to catch up on the electric and gas bills before they reach astronomical proportions again. Also there is the simple fact that my pool is once again a swamp and I believe that the A/C needs an overhaul and both are going to cost me money that I don’t really have and even if I did I don’t want to spend. *sigh*

However tonight the Delta breezes have saved me, and my house is wonderfully cool and I am wondering why I would ever want to leave this beautiful climate for the rain and snow in Oregon or the tropical humidity of Mexico. This weekend I may change my mind as the mercury once again climbs towards 90 degrees or more, but tonight–tonight I am going to go sit on my porch and enjoy a spring night in California. Cheers!