Stepping it up

Last month, I became a grandma…of sorts.

My step-daughter gave birth to her precious little guy, and her daddy and I are just besotted. Wanna see a pic? Ha! Like you were going to stop me….


The best part? I am the step-grandmother, which means I run little risk of actually being called ‘Grandma.’ Our children have always called me ‘Margaret’, so that makes it easy for me. I’ll simply go by the same nickname my sister pinned on me when I was an infant, the one all my nieces and nephews embraced: Moogie.

That’s right. I am now Moogie, the ultra-cool grandparent.

I’ve had a lot of practice earning my ultra-cool status. I became an aunt at eleven, and perfected my shtick on over a dozen nieces, nephews, and greats. But in marrying a man with custody of his two children, I became instant-parent-add-water. And parenting, like water, dissolves cool. But grand-parenting…this is the chance we’ve been dreaming of for years.

Redemption. Revenge. Rejoicing. Our time is finally here.

We will sugar that kid up like no kid has ever been sugared before. If there’s a toy that makes noise, he will own it. Even the ones that don’t make noise. I’m telling you, the kid will have so many toys, his parents are going to need to sleep in a pup tent. His ultra-cool Moogie loves buying toys. And clothes. Oh, the clothes.

His parents are all wrapped up in that new baby bubble right now. He’s new and fresh and sweet as can be, but soon they’ll learn about parenting the hard way…when they step on a Lego in the middle of the night.

*rubs hands with glee*

So tell me…how did your grandparents spoil you? I need tips and tricks. We plan to keep this little fella around for a long time.