Spring Is Finally Here! Maybe. Kinda. Sorta.

photoI opened my office window to take this photo. It was freaking COLD. Yesterday was 54 with hazy sun and awesome. Today is bright sun and chirping birds that tell a big fat LIE. It is only in the 30s out there.

But look at those little bits of green! Our hardy lilies and hosta are coming up in front of our house, but these are mini daffodils and some other things I was given in a dish garden last year. When they faded, I planted the bulbs outside my office window. I’m so excited that they’re coming up!

We had a snowstorm on Friday. Heavy, wet, perfect packing snow that melted on the cars, sidewalks, and streets, so it was pretty perfect. Except the schools were closed. Again. And it was cold. At least when it gets cold again it’s only temporary, so we know spring is on its way, even if it’s being shy.

I am feeling more energetic and less confined. I’d been stuck with my writing, having no problems with revisions/edits and production and organization but struggling to make myself face the blank page on the new book. Yesterday it finally started to flow again. Phew!

It helped that I got a new laptop. *cue squeeing* I’d resigned myself to using a battery-less laptop with two giant black splotches on the screen for a lot longer. I mean, I can see around the splotches and keep it plugged in. But I had an opportunity to save like $600 on the laptop that was at the top of my list, and my husband was the one who initiated the purchase so I didn’t even have to feel guilty for spending so much money. 🙂

I got a Lenovo X1 Carbon. .7 inches thick. Weighs 2.8 pounds. Fingerprint scanner to access. Backlit keyboard. It’s really fast and really sweet and a major reason I started writing again…because I wanted reason to use it, and because it has a 7-hour battery (would be longer if I didn’t keep the screen at full brightness) I can take it all over the place! Leaving my office, where I have all this other stuff that needs attention, is a great help to my writing focus. 🙂

On the down side of technology, my iPod has gone bonkers. Longtime readers of this blog will sigh, knowing my iPod sob stories. Classic was stolen in NY, I went months without, got a Touch for my birthday, broke the screen a few years later, the refurbished replacement has a recalcitrant home button…and then it dove out of my hand a few months ago, right into the cat fountain. Which is not a fountain of cats, which would have been fine, but a WATER fountain for the cats to use.

It was operating okay. I couldn’t use the power button or volume up button, but big deal. Except for no reason at all, over the past week it has started acting possessed. Those two buttons work again. CONSTANTLY. The screen flashes off and on. Sometimes it wants to power down. This obviously drains the battery pretty fast. Plus side? I can use the power button to turn the screen on and off again.

The volume button is a bit more problematic. I mean, my primary use of the gadget is listening to stuff while I drive, clean, shop, etc. Oh, and working out, too, which I’ve started up again. I’m listening to Harry Potter right now, and that uses the Music app, so I just set my max volume to a non-eardrum-shattering level.  But I’m on book 5, and that means in a few weeks I’ll be back to podcasts. That app doesn’t have a max volume setting, so I don’t know what I’ll do. I might have to trade it in again, assuming Apple will even do that for a fourth-gen unit. They won’t let me update the iOS anymore, so I’m afraid I’ll be out of luck.

But hey, at least it’s spring, right? 🙂


P.S. I wrote this early in the week and scheduled it to post. On Thursday morning, my stepmother, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a couple of months ago, died. So as you read this, I’m on my way to Ohio and won’t be able to answer any comments. I say this only so you understand why you’re being ignored, not to incite a response. Please, no one feel obligated to post condolences…they are understood. 🙂 DO feel free, however, to squee or lament technology and funky spring weather (or fall, if that’s where you are 😉 ). Thanks, everyone!