Spring and Edits Do Not Mix.

Spring time and edits are due. Not a great combination for me. Out the window it’s sunny! And warm! And on my computer screen are ly words and to be verbs to contend with.

The window, you’re far more enticing. Course, where I’m in my edits, the window would be more enticing if it was pouring rain out. Not that I want the rain back. We’ve had plenty and it’s due back tomorrow.

Us Southerners are yelling “No more rain!” I’m sure as much as the North is yelling “No more snow!”. As much as the nonstop rain has sucked, I’ll take my rain any day. At least it washes away and when it’s done, it’s gone.

And I completely forgot where I was going with this post. Edit brain. Staying up until 1’ish in the morning, then back at it the next day is doing a number.

I am catching up and catching some new shows. While I edit, I like to stream TV shows. I can’t do it while I write and it helps keep me at the computer while I edit. I’ve watched The White Queen (amazing in some parts, less in others), Buffy (found it just okay), Suits (LOVED) and am just about through Covert Affairs (just okay).

I wanted Dr. Who, but alas, no free streaming from Prime on that one. I’ll soon be on the look for a new show.

What’s your favorite?  And what have you been up to?