Sports on My Mind

(Beth Cornelison is out of town, so I’m filling in today!)

Number Two was destine to be a goalkeeper!

Number Two’s history makes her a sympathetic spectator.

It’s sports season in my house.

Not the IMPORTANT sport, professional football, which is in a completely dead zone right now. But all the best follow-ups. My kids don’t play soccer anymore, but we’re still fans of the local  team, as I’ve mentioned here before. We don’t have a lot of big traditional stuff that we’ve created memories for, but attending the soccer games every summer is a big one. Number Two made a playlist for Number One when she went off to college—all the songs we heard before, during, and after the games. It made her cry. 🙂

Of course, World Cup Soccer is bigger around here every year. Well, every four years, but that sounded weird. The women’s team always seems to have a better chance (two championships, one runner up, three thirds) than the U.S. men’s team, but our guys seem to be defying some of the expectations this year. The Portugal game was a heartbreaker, but as I said when trying to console Number Two, “Portugal has won 12 times when they started with a lead.  This is the first time ever that they didn’t!” And we got to move on! Creating the new motto for USMNT: “Where a draw feels like a loss, and a loss feels like a win.”

This is also tennis season. Actually, it’s always tennis season, except in November, I think. Number Two is a fanatic, and she’ll get up at 5:00 a.m. to watch Australian Open matches or tournaments in China. She also loves watching the Cleveland Indians (baseball), and that gives her a bond with her grandfather and aunt. She’ll rant or rave about any of the above no matter what else is going on.

So sports are on my mind right now.

But something really cool is happening in sports, too. Did you hear about Shelby Osborne? This Indiana high school graduate has been accepted as a CORNERBACK on the football  team for Campbellsville University in Kentucky!

It’s not unheard of for a woman to make a team as a kicker. But Shelby is the first one to be selected for this defensive position at the college level, as is being reported EVERYWHERE. And so far, at least, everything I’ve seen has been positive. (Of course, I avoid the comments sections. I don’t think I want to see what’s in there. LOL) As a freshman, she’s unlikely to get much, if any, playing time. But the coach says he sees no reason she can’t contribute, and she reportedly has all the traits they look for in good football players. Drive, determination, hard work, and field smarts. I can’t wait to see how she does!

What’s cool is that it goes beyond that.

“At first it was for me. It was something I wanted to do, and I went out and achieved it,” Osborne said. “But now I have girls coming to me asking for help. It doesn’t just apply to football — just anything they don’t see as a possibility because there are certain professions viewed as male professions that they could go into that they might not have thought about.”

I have gender bias issues, in that any time they come up in even a small way, I launch into a tirade. I think it would never occur to my girls that they couldn’t do something because of their gender. But obviously that’s not universal, and seeing someone actually do it is so much more meaningful than being told it’s possible but never seeing it. So go Shelby!

What cool stuff have you seen in the sports world lately?