Something a Little Different

Here at Everybody Needs a Little Romance, the focus is quite often, and correctly so, on romance. We all love romance. However, we write romance in a variety of genres. I write fantasy with romantic elements…and a little epic fantasy with very little romance but they still let me hang out here. Mainly because I continue to profess the need for romance.

And so it was while I was reading through my emails from a fantasy author loop, I saw this idea for a blog post and I had to steal borrow it.

As you know shifters are pretty darn sexy. I’ve read about wolf shifters (the alpha dog of shifters so to speak). There are panther shifters, lion shifters (Curran=love) eagle shifters and well, pretty much if it’s sleek and sexy, there’s a shifter story for it. So flipping that on it’s heel, I came up with:


Five Shifters you’d never want to meet. (If you say that with an echo-voice, it’s how I wrote it.)


Skunk shifter. Although the hair might be nice, um yeah, that’s taking musk to a whole ‘nother level.

Beaver shifter. I can’t help but picture Timmy Turner. Yeah, so not sexy.

Mosquito shifter. Although it has interesting possibilities as a cross between a vampire and a shifter… no Thank you. Swat!

Octopus shifter. LOL I actually think I dated one of those.

Spider shifter. Okay, sorry. I shuddered. Not sure I can even type. So not sexy and so very creepy.


So there you have it.

Now your turn. What is one shifter you wouldn’t want to meet?