Snow Days And Disappointments And Wait….

Down here in my neck of the woods, we’re actually getting some winter weather. This only happens once every few years, so you can imagine our excitement and worry by the possibilities of what’s to come.

Ice is what usually comes. We had our dose of that starting Monday and the kids were dismissed from school early that day. Don’t get me wrong, ice brings great fun. I challenge anyone who owns a four-wheeler, some rope and any type of sledding device (old car hood, anyone?) to go out and not have fun.

Course, the downside of ice is it weighs on the trees and they eventually fall over. When they do fall, they tend to have a nice cozy landing spot right on our power lines. Luckily, we’ve so far been spared losing our electricity. Unfortunately, my husband has to report to work no matter the weather.

Tuesday morning we woke to a winter wonderland of packed ice through the yard. Since son keeps wrecking his four-wheeler on dry land, I wasn’t about to turn him loose outside on ice. He elected to stay inside Tuesday and avoided the hard packed stuff. He’s a snowman builder and thrower and angel maker. None of which you can do with ice.

As the ice melted on Tuesday, hope held on as the forecast called for actual snow on Wednesday! Accumulation and EVERYTHING Y’ALL. Normally when we get calls for snow, it’s like, half an inch. But Wednesday? Possible of 5-8”. Can’t even begin to explain my excitement. That’s snow half up my shins. Knowing how our weather tends to do (*coughbewrongcough*)…I don’t tell the kid.

School is cancelled for Wednesday and everything. Excitement builds more! I woke to rain. Sadness. They say it’s still coming, just slower than they thought. I’m thinking it went a little north or a little south.

As I sit at my computer and type this, I glance to the window one last time and my sadness soon turns to grins as I look out my window and what do I see? Fluffiness of white falling. Big, fat flakes!20150225_095740


*stands by the door with my rubber boots and layers of clothes*