Snow Day

It’s the second snow day in a row. I’m supposed to pick up my friend, Farrah, and go to the store on Wednesday mornings after dropping off Middleson, but not today. Today we will hear the complaints that there’s “nothing” to eat (in spite of an overstuffed pantry and a fridge full of unidentifiable leftovers). Today we will hear two boys arguing over who gets the television, punctuated by my shrill cries to “Get up and do something!” (Which will be met with, “I AM doing something. I’m watching TV!) Today I will put one of my Dictation Vests (and yes, that requires capital letters) and hide in my bedroom closet, muttering out my word count for the day.

I do not do well with a disrupted routine.

Now, I love surprises. I love to travel (which is nothing but 24/7 routine disruption). But when I get it in my head that I get a “home” day completely to myself, I do NOT love being surrounded by loved ones.

I love you.
Go to school.

Here is a picture of me in the midst of complete routine disruption last year: A friend of mine took me to the Bahamas for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll put on the Dictation Vest, hide in my closet, and pretend I’m back there. I’ll order a couple of Bahamian beers (which are very good!). I’ll say, “Pass the sunscreen.” It will be thrilling reading, for sure.

Bahama Mama