Sick Days = Homework Days.


Son caught a virus Sunday afternoon and has since spent his days chilling at the house with me, going from equal parts laid out on the couch with fever to wired up as kids of his age tend to be. You know, that age where they’re just short of being something indescribable that causes destruction in his wake.

But now it’s starting to pass. He’s school bound tomorrow and I got in touch with his teachers to fetch homework for the days he missed. One word people, one word: YUCK.

We powered through it this morning. Today should bring another batch and then back into our routine. It’s now 11:40 and I’m just now getting to the computer. Almost there…almost there.

Good with the bad, goes up comes down and whatever. You miss school and have fun, you then get the suck parts later.

Anyone played hookie lately? After tending to him the last few days, I’m tempted to take a movie day tomorrow, but then I’m already behind as is it.


PS: if you entered my contest for advanced copies of Cupcakes And Crushes, winners are going out in just a moment!