Show Me Your Baby

so anyway, I want to see your Baby.

And not that one that poops and cries. I’m talking your baby. Your pet. No, no no…not that barking, meowing, clucking thing that requires food and water. You know. Your baby. Like if this was a post from my husband, you’d have a picture of his truck inserted right here.

But this isn’t my husband. I’m fond of his truck (I may start calling it the Black Beauty purely just to get on my husband’s nerves) but, it’s not my baby. Here’s one of my babies:


Yes, that is my crock pot. But it’s not just any crock pot. it’s an amazing crock pot that actually gets food hot enough to boil. This ain’t no rinkydink crock pot that heats to luck warm. I make soup, chili, cook raw meats in it. It has a broken leg and I’ll be sad when it dies.

My other babies include my greenhouse, my phone, my computer, my wifi router, coffee pot and I could name a few other things I hold dear to my heart.

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