Short Sleeves In Winter

Late December in east Tennessee is usually cold, dreary, and damp. At best, it might get to around fifty degrees and of course because of the high humidity it feels ten times colder. Not this year!

We’ve had a ton of rain. Here’s a quick video of our creek on the back side of our property on Christmas day. Normally it’s just a small trickle, but at one point we had our own waterfall!

The saving grace is that it’s not been cold. Quite frankly, I don’t think I could stand this much rain and cold combined!

For most of December, the lows haven’t gotten below freezing. Most days the highs have been in the seventies. In fact the past two mornings I’ve had to pull tee shirts and shorts back out to do my morning chores! The frogs are chirping and it feels more like spring than early winter!

January and February are usually our coldest months. The forecast calls for typical thirties next week. I’m sure going to miss these short sleeve days, rain or no rain! I’m not sure what the frogs are going to do.

So what has winter been like where you’re at? Are you enjoying it, or are you wishing for spring?