Shopping On Benadryl

Right after I wrote my last blog post I got sick as a dog, as they like to say here in the south. Fortunately, it wasn’t the flu but a really bad sinus infection that’s still lingering despite all my best attempts to send it its way.


Like everyone else, I hate being sick. You can’t sleep, you don’t have energy to focus on anything for very long, and if you’re like me decongestants make you paranoid. It’s hard to function day-to-day like that.


Because I hate shopping so much I usually wait until December to do my Christmas shopping. Every year I promise myself I’ll do it all online several months before but it never happens. I always think I’ll have time and then the next thing I know it’s too late to order anything and I’m forced to go find gifts in person. This year was no different and with my being sick I was pushed even further behind than usual.


Well, yesterday was the Christmas shopping trip from hades.


I still have a good bit of congestion and I haven’t been sleeping well at all so I decided to take just one Benadryl. That’s enough to make me sleep through the night but not enough to put me in a fog until noon or later –or so I thought.


My husband had to work yesterday morning so my plans were to get up and have all the barn chores, including the stalls cleaned, by the time he came home so we could go do our Christmas shopping. I was in such a haze it was a miracle I got dressed, let alone got eight horses fed and turned out in the correct pastures without any disasters happening.


After chores were finished, I sat down and drank some very strong coffee and waited for my husband to come home. I watched TV but I don’t think any of it registered. When my husband walked in I stared at him for a couple of minutes and then announced that I was sorely hung over from the Benadryl.


I had assumed that we would be driving my little Ford Ranger. It’s good on gas, and easy to park. The only draw-back is that there’s not a lot of room in the cab. My assumption was wrong as my husband insisted that we take our one ton crew cab dually with mufflers so loud you can hear them coming a mile away.


The area that we decided to go to is a subdivision of quaint little strip malls that are all sectioned off in their own little pods. Each pod has its own compact little parking lot that barely fits a bicycle, let alone a full-sized vehicle.


The first thing we both realized was that apparently everyone had the same plans as we did. It was extremely crowded and living in small town, we both hate big crowds.


The second thing my husband realized was when you’re driving a tank that barely fits it’s not easy negotiating turn after tight turn trying to find a parking spot. It’s especially difficult when swarms of pedestrians pop out of nowhere right in front of you. Being the trusty sidekick, I was supposed to be watching but that didn’t work out so well. Something about being in a Benadryl stupor has a direct effect on your reaction time.


We opted to park in the back forty behind a row of stores. It required at least a ten minute walk but it was the only spot available and neither of us felt like making endless laps around the maze.


Once we finally made it to the store we quickly realized maneuvering through the aisles wasn’t going to be much different from maneuvering through the parking lot. It was packed and just like in the parking lot people would suddenly jump right out in front of you. That can be pretty traumatic to someone suffering from brain fog.


Just being in a crowded place is pretty overwhelming for me. Being in a crowded place and having to make a decision with too many choices on a limited budget can cause a complete meltdown. All I wanted to do was sit and stare at things but as I was often in the way I don’t think anyone else fully appreciated what was going on, or rather not going on, in my brain at the moment.


Finally after a few mindless laps around the same aisles, I managed to pick out a few presents without breaking anything or making anyone too angry. I remembered everyone I needed to buy for – I think. I won’t be sure until the brain fog completely leaves. If I missed anyone, they’ll just have to get a present from the local co-op because I don’t think my fragile mind could handle another trip to civilization.


I’m hoping that maybe this experience will spur me on to actually do all my shopping online next year, or at least get it done months in advance. Chances are however I’ll probably do the same thing again next year, hopefully minus the Benadryl!