Shopping-Manna from Heaven or Work of the Devil

When I was in my twenties and early thirties, I spend most Saturdays at the mega-mall in Memphis. If I wasn’t there, I was at Steinmart. There was almost always someone with me, strolling the aisles, trying on, rejecting, grabbing something else. What was I (or what were we) shopping FOR? Nothing in particular. Just “shopping.” Every Saturday. Week in. Week out.

Fast forward to today. I’d rather have my teeth cleaned than go shopping. I just hate it. The stores all seem too hot. The clothes are crammed on racks so tightly you can’t slide a hanger without dumping something all the end. And it doesn’t matter WHAT I’m shopping for! Hate it all but some items are SO much worse than others. ย And when I do find something that I want to try on, I am usually so hot, so sweaty that all I can think about is getting out of there!

My husband is tired of hearing me moan and groan about the state of my bra collection (such as it is.) He finally had enough and “ordered” (hee hee…like I do what he says!)…anyway insisted I go buy new ones. Have you been bra shopping lately? I’m a rather well-endowed female. No “A” or “B” or even “C” cups for me. And I left 34, 36, & 38 behind in my forties. Now given those parameters, try to find a pretty bra (with no underwire). Forget Victoria’s Secret and all those luscious-looking silky bras. I’m heading to Dillards, JC Pennys, Sears. But OMG! The expense. $40 for a bra?

Last weekend, Sears was having a sale (40% or something off) so we ran other there. First, the bras were mixes up, crammed on short rods (i.e. everything falls off when you need to check the size of the bra near the back), and shoved into a tiny corner right by the public bathrooms with very poor lighting. Every guy going in to take a leek gets to watch you fondle all the bras. Heck! The men’s pajama bottoms section had more room, better light, and a better selection. I sent 30+ minutes in the area. I went through every bra, every style, every color and found…are you ready? Exactly two in my size. TWO! Grrrr

Online shopping…here I come!

How about you? Love to shop? Or is shopping something invented by the devil?