Shop Till You Drop . . . Or?

Young woman comparing two different gift boxes

Young woman comparing two different gift boxes

I have a dear friend who visits once a year, if that. And one of her passions is … shopping. While mine is when I need something, I go buy it, and turn down the credit card offers along the way because I’ll never use them.

However, I have to admit on this trip, she introduced me to things I never knew about: Okay, blushing, I’d heard people talk about Trader Joes, but it’s clear across town so I’d never made the effort to check it out. We also went to Dress Barn, Christopher Banks and Steinmart. We went to Kirklands, Kohls, Target, and we strolled the stores in Old Colorado City (not in my price range) but… I did find an adorable blue jean vest half off.

Okay, I got some really cute tops, new drinking glasses I’ve been wanting forever, but I didn’t find a soap dish — because I’m NOT paying $19 for a soap dish.

Still, the impulse buying was on full throttle! I had to remember who I’m married to and that dreaded word called, b-u-d-g-e-t.

I know several people who see an item (while out shopping), then watch it until it goes on sale. They always look like a million bucks. I also have a court reporter friend who shops at Goodwill, and in court people compliment her on how extensive her wardrobe is. Goodwill, friends!

I’m a homebody, I would rather be writing than shopping. But I admit shopping was an education when my friend visited, and this lady saved me money with her coupons. Oh, and 15K steps registered on my Fitbit that day, so there was a definite positive. But I’m still not a convert. I’ll never be much of a shopper.

So how about you? Do you like to shop till you drop?