Shaping of me. Sort of. Parts. Influences, whatever. Yadda.

This post is Stevens’s (did I possession that right?) fault.

One word. Xena.

And a couple more. Warrior Princess.

I discovered this show one night when I was a teenager and was instantly hooked. What was not to like about this woman? She was AMAZING. Talk about girl power. At the time, I really couldn’t tell you why I adored the show so much, but I did. If I caught it on tv (back in the days of the guide, the magazine…that my parents didn’t subscribe to, so I had to just get lucky and catch it on). How could you beat a superhero like XENA. Yes. she’s totally a superhero. If IronMan gets to be one because he can get fancy with technology, then Xena is one too because she’s just awesome.

I loved her chakrom. I wanted one. Actually, I wanted her outfit too. And her boots. Oh, and her boobs. I def wanted her boobs. Sword? Yep. That too. Acrobatic ability? Uh-huh. Yep. Her hair was long and flowing and I always wanted that. And she has amazing cheekbones. Total girl crush. My first and only girl crush, if I’m going to be bold about it.

She completely kicked butt. Gabriel? Loved her too. She was just ready for anything. I likely should have identified more with Gabby. And in some aspects, I wanted to be her, getting to tag along and learn from the master. But it was hard to aspire to be Gabby when I could aspire to be Xena herself. Then Gabby cut her hair (or Xena did with her supa cool chakrom to save Gabby’s life) and that pretty much turned me off any Gabby aspirations. I never wanted short pixie hair. But being an Amazon Princess kept leading me back in….

She interacted with the Gods and the God of War was completely crushing on her. What better guy to have in your corner? And she played him so well through the series. And that whole series in China where she learned all that cool stuff? WICKED!

I was a bit disappointed and weirded out as the series progressed with the whole killing of the gods and all that. I far more enjoyed it when it was more mythology times.

So I guess if I was to pick a character who helped define who I am, I’ll have to go with Xena: Warrior Princess. And I’m darn okay with that.