So this happened this week:


Needless to say it was a bit of a surprise…

I mentioned last week that I was in the middle of trying to change-up my career and I got a big boost in that direction when I had a short conversation with Angelo.  I have started my own LLC to manage my artists and I already have two clients. Wow…

So let’s back track a little bit.

I met Angelo Tristan about two years ago on Twitter.  We both commented on someone’s tweet and one thing led to another and we ended up having about an hour and a half conversation on Twitter. We finally moved it to PM’s but that was quite a feat in itself. I am not sure how many of you have Twitter accounts but I think the maximum characters allowed in a tweet is 140 or 160. To have an entire conversation via that media is quite an accomplishment!!

I was very impressed with Angelo. I had no idea how young he was at the time but he was an old soul and we just clicked. We have talked  often over the past couple of years–we added each other to Facebook and communicate via Messenger mostly. He asked me to manage his band about a year ago and I declined–I can not imagine the headache of handling a band all the way in the UK! However it made me start to think about things. This was not the first time I have been asked to handle someone’s professional career in the entertainment industry. And it made me start to think about things about myself. What is it that people see in me that I apparently don’t see in myself?

And then I had another person ask me to manage his career. After a lot of thought I decided what the heck. How hard can it be right? So I said yes.

Well its a little more difficult than I first imagined. I had to start my own LLC so that I can write off any expenses that I incur while doing business for my artists. Now I am researching venues and studios and looking for band members and getting my artist moved to California where he wants to start his career… yeah there is a bit to do!!

Now here is where the wonder of social media really comes into play. I had just decided to represent this young man a week ago or so and we have been trying to figure out the logistics to get stuff done so he can get heard by a record label and Angelo messaged me on Facebook.

“Hey Sheri I just got my record label going and I was wondering if maybe you know anyone there in America who might be interested in signing with us? I want to move into the international market as soon as possible…”  Hmmmmm…..   “Um yeah , I think I have someone who would be interested. What would you like to hear?”  “I don’t need to hear anything–I trust your judgement always.”

How amazing is that? How do I rate that kind of trust?!  I sent him some music anyway and he was even more determined to get him on the label. So then this happened:

Screenshot_2015-09-17-09-01-35  I am so excited him!!

And the rest of the story? That was a conversation we had after I told him I had created my LLC to handle my artists etc.  He asked if I would like to be associated with his record label and I said I would and he immediately made me in charge of all PR in the USA.  I was stunned. Humbled. Overwhelmed! But I am up for the challenge and have already been working hard for him.  Since then I have found another amazing band for his label and I am working on getting a business logo created and business cards to hand out.

I am so excited to be involved with music again. This was always one of my first loves other than reading and if nothing else I can help some very deserving artists in my local area have a chance to be heard by an international audience and get an album and maybe finally get some of the fame they are craving!!

So here I go. I am still going to be driving a bus since this is all commission-based income and I need a steady income to pay bills but my free time is going to be much more interesting in the coming months!

How did you feel when you got that first offer from an agent for a book you had written? Or an inquiry for a book you had submitted? I can’t wait to see these guys’ dreams come true!! And this summer we are going on tour here in California…  I think life has taken a turn for the better–at least its gonna be a wild ride from here on out!!  Follow along!