Saving Daylight

Today is the first day of Daylight Savings Time 2015.

For me it’s a day to celebrate.  Getting that extra hour of daylight in the evening is something I’ve loved all my life.  The first harbinger of summer.  The first promise of warm nights when I can sleep with the windows open, grilled suppers, and flip-flops.

Of course, now that I winter in Florida, I get to do those things all winter.  But there was still an excitement within me when I woke this morning and thought, This time yesterday it was only 7:00.

So it came as some surprise to me when my husband mentioned that a legislator in Illinois (where we live the remainder of the year) introduced a bill to stop Illinois from going on daylight savings time.  It probably won’t pass–may be already a moot point.  But the idea got me to wondering what John Q. Public thinks about the DST.

I know that what goes up must come down, and that the actual hours of daylight remain the same–things are simply shifted.  I understand that this may cause children to wait for school buses in the dark or keep farmers or other workers whose work is primarily in the morning from getting in as much work time, but I’m not sure how much people’s lives are truly affected accept for having to readjust a bit in our sleeping patterns.

So I would like to take an unscientific poll today simply for my own curiosity.

Daylight Savings Time—Are you For it or Against it?

Speak now, or hold your peace for the next 8 months 🙂