Rodeo Week

I am writing this on Wednesday, to be sure it posts on Saturday, because come Saturday I will be up to my boot-tops in cow manure, dust, and sweat and yes, I will be loving it!

Yes, that’s right, it’s Rodeo Week once again and I am busier than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest trying to get myself and the rest of my crew ready for this weekend. I took the rest of the week off because I realized, after looking in my tack room and realizing that my daughter left the saddles uncovered and they, and the bridles hanging on them, now have a nice layer of bird doo-doo all over them. Which of course needs to be cleaned off. And the mares, who are both paints, both need baths. And I have to finish shopping for food for the weekend, because while my girlfriend enjoys the company she doesn’t enjoy the mess and the fuss that bringing myself, two grown daughters, and at least one more dog brings into her house! So I am planning meals for Thursday-Sunday nights that I can pretty much set up in the slow cooker in the morning before heading out to the rodeo grounds. That way when we get back we can hop into the shower and have a hat meal waiting for us with minimal work on anyone’s part, especially my friend.

Of course, I had this all planned and timed and now a monkey-wrench has been thrown into the mix. The cowboy who hauls my horses to and from the rodeo just called me and said he wants to move them first thing in the morning. At 8 AM to be exact. So everything I planned on doing in the morning tomorrow, when I thought he was going to move the horses at around 4 PM, has now been pushed up to this evening and then shuffled around into later in the day tomorrow. Sierra got all her stuff packed quick-like and I threw another load in the wash. Now we are scarfing down dinner and I am scrambling to get the food together I have already purchased and packed into the truck. Dog and dog food, dog kennel, phone chargers, snacks, jackets–argh!!  I think the list is growing instead of shrinking with everything I check off!

Ok–I have to go. I will tell you how it all went next weekend. I am hoping the contractor WON’T want the steers stripped again this year and I can have another easy year of just taking off ropes and sending them on through to the catch pens, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be that lucky!

So what do you do when you have made plans and something happens to knock them all out-of-whack? Do you roll with it? Stress over it? Say “hell no!” and make them do it the way YOU planned it in the first place? Let me know!