Rocks or No Rocks?

As you guys know, we have been renovating a small house as a writing retreat. Most of the inside is done and now my attention is turning to the yard. I thought maybe you would like to weigh in on my plans! or even better, make some suggestions of your own.

First, a couple of items you need to be aware of. I am deathly afraid of snakes. It’s a phobia, I know. But around us is St. John’s Wildlife Refuge. In there you’ll find all sorts of wild animals including Florida Panther, bobcats, turkeys, etc, but of concern to me is what is call a Pygmy Rattler:

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons

These grow to only about 2 feet but they are quite aggressive. I want to make the area around my house hostile to them! 🙂

Second consideration is that the community maintenance guys use a weedeater close to the house and have left their mark!

So I want to get all the brush and grass move further away from where I usually walk. Make sense? So here are my proposed changes:

113 Sunset Exterior ALTERED

Front of House

113 Sunset Exterior ALTERED Turquoise Shutters

Altered Front

See the rocks at the side of the house? I probably wouldn’t go as extreme as the rocks I’ve photoshopped in. I realize the snakes can still be on these rocks, but at least they can’t hide in the grass! Plus, the guys wouldn’t need to weedeat so close to the house.

So what do you think? Rocks? Lava rocks? Mulch?