Road Trip

I don’t mind flying.  I suppose it gets me to where I want to go and home again a whole lot faster.  But once in a while, I like to kick back.  And one of my favorite people to do it with is my husband.  Because for as long as we’ve been married, we do our best talking in the car.  Therefore, we love to take road trips.  Especially if we don’t have time constraints to get there.

So in an upcoming month (Not mentioning which so all you burglars out there won’t pencil it in), we’ll take off for two glorious weeks.  Taking our time to visit Les’s sister in Missouri, then travel down to South Carolina to see my dear friend, Author Susan Boyer, ending up in Sebastian, Florida to see our good friends who live there.  Each location has a planned purpose.  Les is looking at retirement, and these are on the list to check out.

Endora BewitchedWhen we aren’t talking, we’ll listen to Serius XM radio.  There’s a particular station we turn on hosted by Greg Bell of, which features all the old mysteries of long ago:  Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, Johnny Dollar (our absolute favorite) and more.  I even heard an old radio show that starred Agnes Moorehead (Endora from Bewitched fame).  She played a private detective’s secretary who’d warned her to stay away from one of his sketchier clients.  Naturally she runs into him and the whole episode is terrifying.  Moorehead proved to this writer why she transitioned from radio personality, television and beyond.  Man, was she fantastic and very convincing.Endora young

Also, I do have a deadline to worry about. So I’ll take my headphones.  They play white noise in the background so Les can listen to his programs and I can write as I typically do in a notebook in shorthand.

I’ve never been anywhere with my husband for two weeks.  This should be interesting.  I’ll let you know how we do.  So what about you, do you enjoy road trips. Could you travel in a car with your significant other for that length of time?