Riptides and Reunions….

I’m seriously considering paying to make my phone a HOT SPOT because when the weekends roll around I am never anywhere that I can blog…  I feel bad I am AWOL from here so often but my weekends are always busy and I am seldom home to write!!

Last weekend the entire family minus the hubby went to the ocean for the day. My nephew had a football practice on the beach–to build stamina and to just have fun–so his coach likes the families to participate. He brings food and BBQs and feeds everyone for $5 a plate.  My “sister” wanted us all to go and hey–there is never any down side to a day at the ocean right?!

We caravaned out to the beach in three vehicles since none of us had one big enough for everyone to ride in together.  My “son” and his new girlfriend and my oldest went together and took his two girls and my younger daughter and DriDri and I went separately since we were leaving from the ranch.

The beach we ended up at was not a particularly great beach for swimming. It has a vicious riptide and the life guards warned us that people drown here so to be very careful especially with little ones….  We had life jackets for all the littles but they were not kidding about the riptides–the surf was high and so were the waves!

The California coast is a beautiful place to live and visit. But in the northern section of the state the beaches are often dangerous and the water is very cold. I hear people talk about warm ocean water that is calm and serene and I just cannot fathom it!  I have never seen a calm day at the beach here in California!  The waves that day were huge and a few brave souls were in wet suits on surfboards riding the waves but even they did not last long since when they fell off their boards the riptide caught them….

Despite the riptide we did play in the water–each of us adults took a child firmly in both hands and went about knee-deep and let them jump waves and scream and laugh. It was a blast and when the others finally left my two girls and I and Dri and my oldest grand-daughter Raven stayed to play a bit longer.  It was with extreme reluctance that we finally packed everything back up into the Jeep and headed home.

We had a wonderful day–I even ran into a fellow Cherry right there on the beach. Vashaili and I have “known” each other for years through a social media group called The Cherries. The only time we have ever met face to face however was in 2008 at the RWA (Romance Writers of America) conference in San Francisco. She lives in the Bay Area and I live about an hour and a half from there and the Cherries, who are made up of writers and readers mostly, decided to have a big Cherry get-together and about 40 of us showed up for dinner at Buca di Beppo’s.  We had a great time putting Cherry names to faces and it was a huge success.  The fact she recognized me from our Facebook page was amazing–I got to meet her husband and children and she met my girls and we chatted fora few minutes before they wondered on down the beach.  And all I could think was what were the chances I would meet someone I knew on a small random beach in California?!

And speaking of Cherries, one of our members is on a motorcycle trip and will be riding up the coast of California this next week. Cherries along the route are getting together and planning a couple of get-togethers while she is here. Say what you will about social media but it is amazing for meeting people you would have otherwise never met and forming cyber friendships that last a lifetime.  I am planning on joining the Northern California group when she arrives here. Knowing them it will be a blast and many pics and stories will come from this dinner!!

Lots of other things going on but no time to talk about it here–and I am not ready to talk about it yet to be honest. So instead I will ask you how social media has affected your life? Considering none of us here would know each other without it I would say it has some influence! There is even a Cherry or two here–how I ended up here in fact!  And I’m not talking about just Facebook–there are many other social media groups to belong to other than Facebook. Maybe you are a Twitter aficionado.  Maybe you love Instagram. My daughters seem hooked on SnapChat–I seldom get a text any more but they will SnapChat me all day!

Well I am off to another busy weekend. It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and the hubby has a couple of local festivals he wants to attend. Apparently I get to hang out in a little town on the river and eat crawdads today…. My joy knows no bounds….  Enjoy your weekend and Happy Father’s Day to the dads in your lives!!