Riding and Writing

Being a writer is often a solitary profession, and my fellow writers are a blessing. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many good friends in my RWA chapter, Coeur du Bois. They help me work out plot bunnies, talk me down when I am sure I can’t write and generally, keep me sane.

Tomorrow, they are driving an hour to our farm so I can give a workshop on writing realistically about horses.

Bless their hearts, they think I know what I’m talking about.


We’re going to discover the difference between English and Western saddles, talk about different bridles and bits and I’ve even coerced my husband into giving a short course on roping. We’ll have Steve’s head horse, Snake, saddled so anyone who is brave enough can take a ride.


The members of the Coeur du Bois chapter have taught me so much in the years I have been a member, I’m excited to be able to give back.

Tell me about the best workshop you’ve given or attended.