REVIEW: Matchless by Brynley Bush

Matchless (Black Brothers Trilogy #2) by Brynley Bush
Published:  November 18, 2014

When her boss asks for her help on a high profile intellectual property case, the last person attorney Mila Kingston expects to walk into her office is the gorgeous stranger she had an unforgettable one night stand with on her birthday. Navy SEAL Griffin Black has been upfront since the beginning that he’s not looking for love or commitment, which is just fine with Mila, who’s focused on her career and certainly doesn’t have time for a charming playboy. However she can’t pass up the opportunity to represent Griffin and his brother in a landmark trade secret case involving a plant from the Amazon with the potential to cure cancer and the greedy woman who will stop at nothing to possess the rights to the research.

Although Mila’s determined to keep him at arm’s length, the more time she spends with Griffin, the harder it is to resist his easy going charm and his promises of forbidden pleasures. Before long, Mila is entangled with Griffin in a battle for the rights to medical research that could change the world of medicine, as well as her heart.

**Hotness Rating 4 out of 5**

Matchless is the second book of the Black Brothers Trilogy by Brynley Bush. This series just keeps getting better and better. Believe me when I tell you you will love this book! Do you like a hot, alpha guy that knows exactly what a woman wants and needs? Griffin Black is that man. Do you like a strong, smart female that knows when to let go? Mila Kingston is that girl.

Griffin was a weak and helpless child due to a diagnosis of childhood leukemia. The cure that saved his life spurred his adoptive father’s life’s work and made him the man that he is now. Vowing to never be that weak and helpless little boy again Griffin set out to be the strongest man that he could be. Now, he’s the one that protects. As a Navy SEAL he takes on some of the most dangerous missions. When he’s home he’ll stop at nothing to protect his family. And right now his family is being threatened. Someone is trying to steal the research that his father has spent most of his adult life cultivating and make a synthetic version to put on the market. Through a recommendation from a fellow SEAL Griffin is hiring an attorney hoping that she can find a way to protect Dr. Black’s research and make it where only he can use it. When he discovers that his new attorney is the woman that he hasn’t been able to get off his mind after that one night Griffin can’t help but wonder if this is a sign.

Mila Kingston celebrated her 30th birthday in a way that she never had before. She met a smoking hot guy and went home with him. This was the night that ruined her for all other men. But, sadly one night was all it could ever be. At least that’s what she thought until she walked into her boss’s office and saw Griffin standing there. Now, she will be working closely with Griffin and trying her best to keep a professional distance. This proves to be impossible when faced with a sexy, dominant Black that knows what her body needs before even she knows.

These Black boys sure know how to make a girl squirm. Griffin was exactly what Mila needed. He was her strength when she didn’t know she needed to let go. She was there to save Griffin when he thought it was his family that needed saving. Anything I write does not give this book justice. You have to read this story!

I give Matchless 4 Flaming Hearts
4 Hearts