Review: Ecstasy by the Sea by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey

Ecstasy by the Sea (Bytes of Life #2) by Chris Almeida & Cecilia Aubrey
Published:  July 6, 2012

This steamy spinoff to COUNTERMEASURE sees Trevor Bauer and Cassandra James having just tied the knot and moving across the pond to their new digs in Ireland to begin their life as a married couple. Their days have been swamped with planning the wedding, setting up their new business, and Trevor’s NSA commitments—not to mention their continued investigation into his parents’ disappearance. So when it’s pointed out to him that a key launching point for a new marriage has been overlooked, Trevor takes matters into his own hands.

Unbeknownst to Cassandra, Trevor plans the perfect honeymoon getaway down to the daintiest swatch of lace. His detail-obsessed wife won’t know what hit her when he sweeps her away for what will result in nothing less than a weekend filled with pure ecstasy by the sea…

**Hotness Rating 3 out of 5**

For those of you that have read Countermeasure by Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey you have to read this book. I can not tell you how many books that I’ve finished and just wished I had a little more of what happens next. Ecstasy by the Sea is that book. The Bytes of Life series could be read independently of the Countermeasure series, but I would advise reading them as companions.

In Ecstasy by the Sea we get a peek at Trevor and Cassandra’s wedding and their move to Ireland. I loved the descriptions of how Bob is stepping up to be the dad that he should have always been. Trevor is so sweet and works so hard to surprise Cassie with an unexpected honeymoon. Their love comes across even more in this short story and the scenes are a ton hotter.

I can not wait to read more on this couple and the characters that make up the Countermeasures series.

I give Ecstasy by the Sea 4 Flaming Hearts

4 Hearts