REVIEW: A Dark & Stormy Knight by Suzie Quint

A Dark & Stormy Knight (McKnight Romance #3) by Suzie Quint
ASIN #: B00J81NU36
Published:  March 23, 2014

Young and stupid go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Sol McKnight, rancher and rodeo bull rider, married Georgia Carston, the love of his life, at eighteen. So maybe they were too young and maybe he was stupid to believe it would last forever because six weeks later, she left him. Now she’s back in Hero Creek for the summer. This is his chance to win her back. Little does he know, this may be his last chance because Georgia has her eye on the divorced father of their daughter’s best friend. If Sol ever wants to feel whole again, he’s going to have to figure out what went wrong so many years ago and fix it. If he doesn’t he’ll lose her forever.

**Hotness Rating 3 out of 5**

A Dark & Stormy Knight, the third book of the McKnight Romance series, by Suzie Quint has made a fan out of me. I didn’t read the first two of this series, so I can confidently say this book can be read alone. Although, I will be going back and reading those since I loved this one so much!

Young love can have a lasting effect on a young girl’s life. Just ask Sol McKnight and Georgia Carston. At 18 they ran off and got married. It seemed like a great idea, at first, but when reality set in and Sol’s love for bull riding was too much for Georgia to handle she ran. Finding out she was pregnant a couple of weeks later didn’t make her reconsider her decision to leave. She did the right thing and told Sol about the baby and he stepped up as a father, even if the distance between them only allowed for part-time parenting at best from his side. 

11 years later Georgia has found herself back in her hometown caring for her bitter and angry mother after a stroke. Georgia finds herself right back where she started – under the thumb of her mother, still in love with her ex, and bull riding still in their way.

I am in love with Sol McKnight. Heck, I may be in love with all of the McKnights. His antics over the years to keep Georgia single absolutely cracked me up. I know it wasn’t nice, but it worked out in the end. Georgia would not be the first woman who has let their family manipulate them out of happiness and won’t be the last. I’m just glad that she was able to break away and finally go after what it was that she and her daughter deserved.

I can not wait to read more of this series.

I give A Dark & Stormy Knight 4 Flaming Hearts.

4 Hearts